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It appears an is a common thing on Mastodon (pardon the hashtags):
- I'm a 50 year old pharmaceutical who helps organize in his spare time.
- I identify as gray-/#demisexual.
- I am a widower; my husband of 18 years passed away in 2017.
- I am a voracious reader of (especially with ), and try to post a of ones I enjoyed (and some I didn't) when I can on my at


Fuck yeah.


I know the popular analysis is going to be “we’re screwed,” and I *feel you.*

But nah. RBG didn’t go out like that and neither are we.

I’m not speaking that, and I’m not believing that. We gon fight. That’s what we’re gonna do.

Some good vibes on a Friday: I recently came across the band Beoga, a fantastic mix of Celtic and Country music. For their latest video "In a Rocket" they asked people to send in what matters to them during lockdown. The result really made me smile.

This is gorgeous!


Patreon commission for ! 🐆🪕🦎🎻

It seems to be the most detailed artwork I've ever drawn...really proud of it! I couldn't stop thinking of "I'm in love with a fairytale" song while drawing it lol

🌸My patreon -

57 F, breezy, partly cloudy. This is my kind of weather!

(So squinty, though! I really need to replace my sunglasses, which broke a few days ago.)

It's 62 F outside with a strong breeze. I have all the house windows open, and even had to put on a flannel shirt because it was getting chilly. I love it! I am so ready for cooler weather.

I have always loved these, sometimes called "haystacks" or just "No-Bake Cookies With Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Chewy Oats" but I've never made them before. Now I have, and they're delicious! I think the peanut butter may be optional, but I like it!

I grew up in the South, but have lived in the Chicago area for ~22 years. I agree with almost all of these, the only exception being because I can count the number of times I've played Cornhole on one hand.

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The Midwest Taught Me:

1. How to smell a storm
2. Dress in layers
3. Experiencing four seasons in an hour
4. How to drive in the snow
5. Olympic level Cornhole skill
6. To tie something down to the point “it’s not going anywhere”
7. Less than a 16 hour drive? don’t fly

This is a really good deal (and one I'm getting in on myself)! I'd much rather my money goes to an author who understands people come in all stripes and orientations and that representation matters, as opposed to, oh I dunno, some other shitbag author out there.

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On at the New Millennium Editions of the series. Latinx wizards, Black wizards, gay wizards...inclusiveness & diversity baked in since 1983. 9-vol sets, $2-ish per volume: grab one & find out what the excitement's about!

Holy crap, the cast in this is amazing (and think what you will about Sorkin, you know the dialogue will be snappy as hell.)

It’s been a beautiful day, just a few clouds in the sky. I’m sure the sky would be blue except for, you know, all that smoke.

(Also, we're not going to talk about how recently I realized that those little sliders mean that not every photo that you use some app's filter on has to be applied at 100%)

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My 2020 Outback is the 1st car I've had with adaptive cruise control. In July I realized it's perfect to keep from stressing out when stuck behind someone doing 35 in a 55.

So I'm not alone in feeling like a dumbass, what is something "everyone knows" that you recently realized?

I'm up to Book 3 in Anne Bishop's The Others series it just me or are things just going completely off the rails? Stupid protagonists, retcons, remarkably convenient Things were going so well up until now.

Because quarantining/social distancing/working from home hasn't screwed my life enough, now that I'm working 4-day weeks (Tue-Fri, to burn off PTO) Sunday nights leave me a discombobulated mess. Guess I need to get used to having two Saturdays and a Sunday.

Despite having never seen Avatar or Korra, I pretty much am down with Toph.

"Toph lost her last fuck at age 6 and now copes with depression through swears and misanthropy."



DEPRESSIVES OF TWITTER! In this Year of Our Apocalypse 2020, I have made a useful thing for our people: the Depressive Alignment Chart, as illustrated by random and arbitrary media I've consumed in quarantine!

An explanation of my methods:

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