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It appears an is a common thing on Mastodon (pardon the hashtags):
- I'm a 50 year old pharmaceutical who helps organize in his spare time.
- I identify as gray-/#demisexual.
- I am a widower; my husband of 18 years passed away in 2017.
- I am a voracious reader of (especially with ), and try to post a of ones I enjoyed (and some I didn't) when I can on my at


I'll be damned if I will subject anyone (or myself) to the risk of a haircut when it's totally unnecessary, so it's time to just give in to the curl.

(And the irony of a husky saying that is not lost on me...)

‘What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July?’ By Frederick Douglass, read by his young descendants -

Watch this. Just…please watch this.

The dogs woke me up bright and early so they've had their walk, I've showered, and now to start a long weekend of...well, pretty much nothing. But that's OK. I'll probably binge on Alone, which hits that interesting/stupid sweet spot for me.

Convention runners are like, "I know a place", then they get a radio call and go running off and you don't see them again for the rest of the weekend.

Black Lives Matter. Period.

Don't forget that there is always something you can do. Here is a good place to start:

"In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist." Angela Y. Davis

I too fear for my neutróns. Thëy are vêry importañt fõr ÿoùr bræin.


How many falshoods per sentence are there in this utterly bonkers Facebook meme?

After everything else that’s going on in 2020…sure, why the fuck not?

RT i want a fur suit

Well, dog-walking is going to be fun for the next few weeks.


⚠️ Dangerous heat on the way for the next 7-10 days! Actual temperatures will be in the middle 90s, and indices will climb into the upper 90s to over 100 degrees at times.

The closing on my dad's house in SC is today, then they are heading west where he'll be living with my sister and brother in law in St. Louis. Looks like I'll be making more frequent trips down that way!

This is a fantastic post with a lot of links to resources for makers for creating everything from PPE to protest signs to charity donation boxes.


158: Lasers for Good - this month's post is a quick list of resources and ideas for the laser you can use to help those in need, whether it is medically, socially or economically.

I suspect some of my gearhead friends will be tickled with this. I will say, for all that’s 80s car ugliness, it is in absolutely pristine shape.

The hummus I made on Sunday is great, but after four meals of hummus wraps with (alternately) grilled veggies, fresh veggies, and sous vide chicken breast…I think I’m ready for a hamburger.

The gentleman from Kentucky is cordially invited to fuck off straight to hell.


McConnell warns Democrats not to change filibuster rule

I'm teaching myself how to use for photo processing and retouching, and I'm really liking it. For the first time in decades of using programs like this I finally understand what a lot of the functions do (though there's a lot more to figure out!)

About a month back I passed along a chart I had made of how to store fresh produce from They've done me one better and made an excellent summary chart that's even more useful! This will be going on the front of my fridge.

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You’ll find happiness.


You meet your 15 year old self. You are allowed to say three words. What do you say?🤔🙂

This absolutely nails it for me as well.


Do you know how amazing it is to read romance as someone with anxiety?

I worry about everything. The world, my family, random things friends have said. Food, movies, tweets.

You know what I don't worry about? My romance novels. My HEAs.

I *genuinely* love this genre ❤️

Thanks to and Jenne for coming over for a beer swap and socially-distant socializing. Turns out hanging out in the garage with fans going and the dogs keeping us company works extremely well! I should have folks over more that that (er, just a few at a time though!)

Grilled veggies, to go with romaine lettuce, cucumber, and hummus in a whole wheat wrap. Oh dang, this was tasty!

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