It appears an is a common thing on Mastodon (pardon the hashtags):
- I'm a 50 year old pharmaceutical who helps organize in his spare time.
- I identify as gray-/#demisexual.
- I am a widower; my husband of 18 years passed away in 2017.
- I am a voracious reader of (especially with ), and try to post a of ones I enjoyed (and some I didn't) when I can on my at


@duncandahusky welcome!! very cool of you to support furry conventions! That is no small task~

@regal Thanks! I'm one of the group that started Midwest FurFest (and a Vice Chair this year), and one of the co-coordinators of the Furry Convention Leadership Roundtable (FCLR), an informal gathering of 72 furry conventions from all corners of the globe created to share ideas and support. Making furry conventions happen is crazy and exciting, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

@duncandahusky oh wow! that's a big deal! You're part of something amazingly successful and awesome!! That's so cool....thank you for your hard work :catboo: I've never been to a furry convention but I know they're really really important for so many folks

@duncandahusky youre THAT duncan!? OH WOW so awesome to see you on mastodon, continue the great work, and condolences on the loss of your hubby. it may be a year but thats not something easy to get over. glad to see you keep going forward!

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