Here's a simply lovely story of great customer service.


Friends who have dogs, I need to tell you about this incredible interaction I just had with

BarkBox is a subscription service for dogs. High-quality toys and treats mailed to you every month. We had a subscription for yeaaaaaars.

This showed up in today’s mail with a wonderfully sweet message inside. Thank you so much, Cheri!
(And next year we are totally collecting Twitter handles on the UglyDog Holiday Card Exchange form! [optional, of course])


Our sled dogs have been enjoying carrying all the holiday folks have sent our way this year. Here’s a lovely two minute spot where you can hear them in action—and meet the world’s best postal clerk, Carrie.

Via at

Today I remembered that I am part of the Discord. Which I haven't opened since, uh, March or so. Imma mark it all read and go from there.

Hey ! Check your email inboxes if you joined in the Holiday Card Exchange.

Tonight's episode of (at least in Chicago) included a story from 2014 by Pam Flowers, who in 1993 mushed the entire Arctic coasts of Alaska and Canada, alone, 2,500 miles. It's a delightful story, and I need to find more of her work.

This is...inauspicious for dog mushing in 2021. (Personally, I think it's a good call, but I'm just some guy.)


The pandemic has taken the Yukon out of the 2021 Yukon Quest sled dog race, leaving behind the "Summit Quest," a 300-mile mid-distance race on the Alaska side of the border:

I'm watching World's Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji on Netflix. Looking at it through the lens of the Iditarod, it makes a lot more sense to me now. Scores of teams, only a handful have a shot at winning. The rest are just there to prove they can make it to the end.

Nora and Charlie have been very good this week, so it’s time for a special treat.

Good morning! Nora and Charlie want you to know that they believe in you (even if Charlie can’t see you).


"A touch over a year ago, Wisconsin musher began her rookie run in the Iditarod sled dog race with 14 dogs and a sled full of supplies. With her spiritually was her husband and also thousands of supporters — the — following along...

I want to give a special shoutout to and, who were the driving forces behind this year's , assisted by and I helped with the website and threw in a few suggestions, but they were the ones who made it all happen this year!

This whole series is so great. I love these short audio works because Alex's writing does such a great job of capturing the emotion of the mushers and the dogs. I need to listen back to the beginning, but I love all of the episodes that I've listened to. Thanks Alex!

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One last story (original fiction & creative nonfiction about dogs, mushing, and sled dog racing). The first one written, but last in this series.

Today: "Not This Year"

Please share if you enjoy this.

This is money raised for kids in remote Alaskan schools, plus a host of other Alaskan charities. It's not too late to join in!


Also as of this morning, the is over $53,000.00!!

I’ll say this: I was in the room in Anchorage when this call came in. I was so impressed how the volunteers moved quickly and put together a flight that got Cool Cat back to Anchorage from the middle of the Alaskan interior in just a few hours.

Iditarod Comms fun: A musher dropped 2 dogs earlier but was confirmed to have 13 dogs later. Speculation on where the extra dog came from:
- they had 15 dogs initially, one smuggled in the sled bag
- found a wolf on the trail, put it into harness
- magic!

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