Happy everyone! 🐺 Today is a great day to celebrate canines, kindness, and humans who embrace both. What started as a fun posting by a mother about the holiday her son made up has grown into something sweet and positive. wolfenoot.com/about-wolfenoot/

I spy some talented furry artists and authors in the mix here! Check it out and help some great charities all over the world!

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Reminder: browse the store, get yourself cool stuff AND help animals and kids around the world in the process. :) <3

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I wish a joyous to all! I love this day because it shows that people from around the world can get behind a fun idea and make something wonderful happen. More info at @realwolfenoot@twitter.com & wolfenoot.com! (Also, last year's Wolfenoot cake 😀)

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In the spirit of crossing the fandom streams, I feel like the ethos between and have a lot in common. See more at wolfenoot.com.

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And by the way - I'm pretty sure many would appreciate the story of , a holiday created by a 7-year-old New Zealand kid that went viral. wolfenoot.com/about-wolfenoot/ "A celebration of canines, kindness, and humans who embrace both."

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Oh, this a great way to celebrate year round! They're taking nominations for recipients of The Golden Paw award for excellence with wolves, dogs, conservation or children. Those recipients will choose orgs. for fundraising in Oct/Nov.

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The Golden Paw - mailchi.mp/1133c28fc7c5/the-go

Now that the Midwest @FurFest@twitter.com con book is in the hands of everyone who attended, I can pass along my favorite part of it. The photos are mine, with the exception of @rifkafox@twitter.com modeling the fashionable wolf kigu. @realwolfenoot@twitter.com

Also, if y'all aren't looking at the hashtag right now, you're missing some of the best and most kind parts of Twitter today! twitter.com/search?f=tweets&ve

Happy everyone! Celebrate in the best possible way! @realwolfenoot@twitter.com

Howly one and all! Be kind to your dogs (and other pets) and you’ll be blessed by the Spirit of the Great Wolf.

RT @realwolfenoot@twitter.com Hearing the people from @Wolf_Park@twitter.com talk about (and my kid) like this made me all tearful and proud. <3


This is absolutely adorable, and so well done!
RT @DannyKodicek@twitter.com Fellow fans might like to be aware I've put my Night Before Wolfenoot poem onto Redbubble, with art by my wolf-loving daughter. Profits if any go to charity at the request of @realwolfenoot@twitter.com originators. Links in the notes to the official merch redbubble.com/people/flatfrog0

Wolf Park is awesome of course, but if you're looking for another charity to support for , be sure to check out International Wolf Center (@IntlWolfCenter) at wolf.org. They have a lot of fantastic education programs.

As @BuddyGoodboyEsq@twitter.com noted, this falls on Black Friday this year. I know I'll happily be celebrating instead!
RT @belgatherial@twitter.com That moment when your 7 year old makes up a holiday, and people start wanting to actually celebrate it. <3


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