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Congratulations to all of my friends in Georgia for having reached a day where political groups will finally stop mailing, calling, emailing, and texting, and leave them the fsck alone. (Also: Awesome job so far! Fingers crossed!)

Reduce the mushroom liquid and wine to almost a glaze. Add the pork and herbs, and there’s the finished product. Not pretty, but damned tasty!

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Weeknight dinner problem: I need to use up some leftover pork loin tonight. I have dried mushrooms, onions, and potatoes. Time to improvise!

This strikes me as something would appreciate. The googly eye is fantastic!


Doing what we can to keep the on-brand in 2021. Please enjoy this demolition distraction and wishing everyone a happy new year!

Video courtesy of Chris Meyer, Turner Construction

Here's a simply lovely story of great customer service.


Friends who have dogs, I need to tell you about this incredible interaction I just had with

BarkBox is a subscription service for dogs. High-quality toys and treats mailed to you every month. We had a subscription for yeaaaaaars.

Totally valid, and much agreed!


Harry Potter and the fuck j k Rowling

I usually skip these, but how could not?
“Harry Potter and the dogs dogs dogs”

Shoutout to (who's probably sick to death of mentions because of this piece :-) for the remarkable observation, "Healing doesn't mean that grief is over." Just...damn. That really hits home me. read "45 Questions to Ask While Waiting" at his site:

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1. One of the best things about Twitter is being able to say to a creator "I like this thing you did" and they can respond!
2. Holy crap. This clip introduces a list of seemingly mundane questions that opens a whole world of introspection. (Kudos to for this piece)

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RT Welcome to the fam! Here's another gem from in the archives that you might like... Since we're all waiting around again...

Incidentally, although I mostly read and talk about m/m romances, there are some fantastic urban fantasy books in this list was well.

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It's that time again! A wrap-up of my favorite books of 2020: Thanks to some amazing authors: Y'all helped keep me sane in 2020!

Just a reminder that you can get tickets to watch until 5 PM EST today to watch by 7 PM EST (Pay what you want, starting at $5, proceeds benefit The Actors Fund). I just watched it and it is SO GOOD!

Gotta go with Fluffy Friendo, though Little Doggo and Noble Beast are acceptable substitutes.


For Urban Fantasy what is your favorite Werewolf Type?

I can imagine that knows this guy, or at the very least someone like him. The whole project is wonderfully wholesome, and really brightened my day.

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I just listened to my first ep of the podcast United States of Anxiety () "Lessons from a Year in Isolation" It is AMAZING. The last part of the ep is about a guy from Chicago who hung up a flier asking friends (who he's never met) to text him.

Charlie wants you to know that he is a very fierce boy, OK? (who also *loves* to play!)

This song seems to be about a relationship ending, but the latter part of the lyrics hits home for me. Biffy Clyro- “Space”

I've got some kind of Spotify playlist on right now that I guess is "chill folk-rock" or something? Anyway, Inhaler's cover of Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" came on and it's surprisingly good.

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