is updated to v3.5.1 here we go


I appreciate everyone asking if they can have an invite. I'm keeping it slow and trying to make sure it's reliable and scales up with what we have right now.

This server runs all our sites as well as the masto instance and bunches of other things, and I don't want to have users on something I have to spend heavy amounts of time just to keep running - or have things go haywire with the podcast sites and Ursula's stuff.

@ksonney I'd ask, but I'm pretty happy over at :D

Even though wombats are fun!

@ksonney Will we be seeing more of y'all here given the recent news of that other site?

@ksonney hey old friend. Good to see you're already here. What are you learning so far about the ups & downs of running your own Mastodon? Is it seeming fragile or resource-intensive in any way?

@magnus919 I mean, it's all in docker containers, so my only pain points are upgrades with breaking changes that require some hands-on fixes.

@ksonney I’ve been digging into it more over the past few days and it looks like they expect us to build our own container images, internalizing environment variables / config, and I’m crying inside.

@magnus919 I use docker-compose and pull the official images on a new release. Set the version in the docker compose file and instead of `docker-compose build` use `docker-compose pull` to follow the upgrades.

@magnus919 I have a script to do most of it (need to add some sed magic to automate the file editing).

docker-compose pull
docker-compose run --rm -e SKIP_POST_DEPLOYMENT_MIGRATIONS=true web rails db:migrate
docker-compose down
docker-compose run --rm web bin/tootctl cache clear
docker-compose run --rm web rails db:migrate
docker-compose up -d
docker system prune -a

@ksonney that is so over the top compared to most stacks I run on Docker. Wow. If the Fediverse is ever going to boom, each of the respective project communities is going to need to modernize its container strategy and treat generic container images as a first-class build artifact.

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