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Kevin Sonney @ksonney

Strong Independent Chicken is hanging outside my office window today. This is problematic as I want to watch her and not the class I am in.

@ksonney Maybe watch the class and think about how you could redo it starring Strong Independent Chicken?

@dotless_i Have you heard the story of the Chicken and the Pig as it applies to teams? See, the Chicken and the Pig were going to open a restaurant together, and the Chicken wanted to name it "Ham and Eggs." The Pig decided NOT to partner with the Chicken on this, because "While you are involved, I'd be committed."

This was an actual part of the training.

@ksonney So there's an obvious role for Strong Independent Chicken; but I'm hesitant to ask who would play the pig.

@polyplacophora Just fine, still acclimating to their new home. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to set up a run outside the coop for them.