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Kevin Sonney @ksonney

So I am going to continue to support my creators on up until Dec 31. If hasn't rolled back this insane new policy, not only am I pulling ALL my pledges, I WILL ACTIVELY HELP CREATORS MOVE OFF THE PLATFORM FOR FREE.

@tbeckett working that out. I suspect it will depend on the creator.

@ksonney Some of us are talking about a cooperatively owned patreon/etsy type platform. Owned by the creators and the tech workers who manage it.

@tbeckett I'm down with that. Tell me more about "some of us" :) @PatreonSupport I have no idea where the creators will end up, but as both a supporter and someone who makes some income (through via Patreon, I oppose this change and will do what I can to help creators get over it.

@ksonney Personally I'm switching to using Memberful on my own site - it works with wordpress, I can lock posts/pages, and everything is MINE now instead of on someone else's site (and I never liked trying to edit posts on Patreon at the best of times)

@KittyUnpretty Yeah, that is one option. There is also the Give plugin (which I use) and a couple of others. I'll be keeping an eye out so I can present creators with options.