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Kevin Sonney

New batch of Productivity Alchemy stickers just in time for Antrocon!

Some fool (@crimsonruari specifically) asked if I could bring some of these to - the infamous "Salt Vampire Jizz" candy from the last episode of .

Managed to evolve three shiny Tyranitars today!

Sergi has a new pillow, and is no longer capable of movement. I hope she is able to escape someday.

First Capese of Summer - local tomato, smoked mozzarella, Acetto Basamico Tradizionale vinegar, Sparta Kefalsas sa EVOO, basil from the garden.

You win this round, Strong Independent Chicken. You get to stay in the tree tonight.

Today's progress. Next time color! By the always amazing

Queen C prefers to have exclusive access to mealworms in the morning.

Found this lovely black rat snake hanging on the front door doorknob just now. No chickens or snakes we're harmed, and it was released back into the garden with a Stern Warning.

Little Goth Hen and Baby Goth find a new spot to roost in the mornings.