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Kevin Sonney

I think I've submitted everything I was going to, so I'm good. But for everyone else, there isn't much time left!

YESSSSSSSSSS. Into the Badlands S3 E1 is available to stream.

[Hidden Almanac] The Hidden Almanac for 2018-04-23 - The Hidden Almanac

@polyplacophora you asked - AND we still have stuff from Finland.

@polyplacophora Would you prefer KUEC Show food? Because that is the other thing I can curse people with - questionable food-like-items.

[KUEC] Episode 267 - The Bacon and Cheddar Show

From this week's Orbital Operations by :
"This is your reminder that if you survived the winter, then you can survive the rest of the year. You're still here. This world doesn't have what it takes to kill you. And there is no fucker that deserves to see us die."

1000 pounds of gravel and sand moved. Then 10 32-dry quart bags of potting soil moved. And now I need a second shower and to get a KUEC out the door.

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when your cat takes a stinky shit and jumps on your bed to clean her ass.

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9 days till the shutdown of

needless to say, if you haven't exported your data from there and moved to another instance already, please do so

Epic hangover ebbing, thankfully. I earned it, though.

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now you might be thinking, gardening isn't very cybre. But that's where you're wrong chummer. Reducing your reliance on the man is as cybre as it gets. Hack The Garden.

In this house, we do not fuck around. Thanks for the whiskey and the matching water.