Take your finger away from the reply button, and shut the fuck up and listen.

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Dear fellow cis-white-straight dudes: there is a time to talk and a time to listen.

Right now is the time to shut the fuck up and listen.

So, they don't do written tests for walk-ins on weekends, so we have to go back on a weekday. FUN TIMES

The NC DMV is a shitshow.

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Have been sitting in the Durham DMV parking lot since 7:50 am while Jacob is in line to get his Adult Learner’s Permit. Fun times.

Every evening, after the big chickens all go in, the peeps want to hang out. t.co/Q2ZKjhn6hS

I was not planning on being here, since I was supposed to be out of town this week. Last minute ticket FTW

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Seeing Puscifer tonight, no photos so y’all will just have to imagine how awesome it is while I live it

it is probably Not your fault if you cant get a job tbh

Once more, this is why I trust @flareaudio@twitter.com with my ears. t.co/UU4RnOsCAq

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