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Kevin Sonney

[Hidden Almanac] The Hidden Almanac for 2018-06-04 - The Hidden Almanac

Queen C prefers to have exclusive access to mealworms in the morning.

[Hidden Almanac] The Hidden Almanac for 2018-06-01 - The Hidden Almanac

[Productivity Alchemy] Episode 49 – Owning Up, Finding Toads, Seanan McGuire

[Hidden Almanac] The Hidden Almanac for 2018-05-30 - The Hidden Almanac

Found this lovely black rat snake hanging on the front door doorknob just now. No chickens or snakes we're harmed, and it was released back into the garden with a Stern Warning.

Little Goth Hen and Baby Goth find a new spot to roost in the mornings.

Happy Birthday to my love, my partner in crime, and my bestest friend!!