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[Productivity Alchemy] Productivity Alchemy Episode 56 – Games, Susan Anderson

RT So, just a heads up, besides drinking, drugs and premarital sex, mom added a few more social infractions to my "must kill" list:

- Duck lips in EVERY selfie
- Man buns.
- Over use of Yas Queen
- Laurel over Yanni
- Vajazzling
- Everything else.

See you soon.


RT Going to ? Join us at the Habitica Meetup on Saturday, July 21, from 12-1 PM at the San Diego Bayfront Hilton Lobby. We'll have stickers, codes for the special Unconventional Armor, and more awesome swag!


RT When I was working in comics full-time, I used to love the week when everyone went to San Diego while I stayed home. It was peaceful and I had time to think about new things. Raising a glass to all in comics who get to steal a week for themselves while Comic-Con is happening.


RT I don’t know if you have any audience for it, but I have a small German-language podcast aimed at students, covering things from learning strategies to productivity and self-organizing. It’s at


[Hidden Almanac] The Hidden Almanac for 2018-07-18 - The Hidden Almanac

[Hidden Almanac] The Hidden Almanac for 2018-07-13 - The Hidden Almanac

[Productivity Alchemy] Episode 55 – Recovery, Letters

Mah-nah Mah-nah
RT Using a lyric, what's a song you can trigger a song in someone's head?


I told her "it looks like the Hulk's ballsack"
RT What the hell did the cucumbers get up to while I was away?!


RT What's the most On Brandℒ️ story you have from your early childhood.

Mine is when my mom told me not to touch the electric stove when it was red, because that meant it was hot, so I made direct eye contact with her and slapped my hand down on the stove top.


We thank Peach Pit for her sacrifice and will sing her praises forever.

Remember: if you want to get your dance on, you better have your badge on.

The glamourous life of convention security part 3276912754: badge check at the back stairwell.

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