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Starting prep for the drive home. is my new go-to.

This was a fun scene
RT In one of the Rupert Wong books, Jack the Ripper meets the God of Being Missing, who is the manifestation of every silenced voice, every drowned-out cry of help, every instant of wishing someone would come, and they




I'd say I miss the cats, but they don't miss me.

I miss my chickens. And my wife, dogs, and kid. But mostly my chickens.

Almost 3am, off duty until noon, and drinking whiskey I fucking earned.

RT "Should not be affected" in a tweet by an anonymous employee isn't going to cut it. This kind of thing needs to be spelled out legally, IN THE LICENSE. The ambiguity in Commons Clause itself is exactly why you're getting raked over the coals here, and a tweet or two won't fix it.


Good morning MAGLabs, I am done until later today. Please try not to wake me up unless you have to.

Snowing in Space Nitro Cold Brew coffee is the fuel that will get me through this overnight shift.

[Hidden Almanac] The Hidden Almanac for 2018-09-07 - The Hidden Almanac

My name is Kevin Sonney and I approve of this message.
RT Kevin demands that it have the Thunderchicken on the hood.


Two hornworms, with very different lives ahead of them. 

RT girl: [writes 200k-word sequel to a game she loved, expanding the lore in new and imaginative ways]

girl: [builds accurate replica of costume from her favorite game character over the course of 300 hours and hundreds of dollars]

some guy: girls only pretend to like games


So the word is out - is co-Guest of Honor with Allen Steele for 51! Cannot wait to go back to ABQ in 2019!

[Productivity Alchemy] Episode 61 – Labor Day, Bill and Laura Pearson

Lost two hours to MIdsomer Murders and Chicken Memes. Life is good.

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