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Kevin and Ernie's big day out. The vet says he is healthy as can be!

Thank you all for your support, your conversations, your jokes, an for sharing yourselves with us.

Happy Holidays to All.

Last night I had one of my bouts of insomnia, and for whatever reason I was thinking about how much I appreciate all of you.

My only holiday wish is for all of our fans, followers, friends, and family to have a good holiday by what ever you consider "good."

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Update: we are now at :
- 4 plush goats
- 1 plush camel
- 1 plush sloth
- 25 plastic goats
- 1 plastic Australian Animal assortment, containing 1 wombat and 1 emu

What the hell, y'all?

Chipotle Beans in the Instant Pot, Rice in the Rice Cooker, and Cornbread in the oven.


For those keeping track at home, we have been sent three plush goats, on plus camel, and now a plush sloth. The sloth is not cursed, and will live in the recording studio with me.

It is a REALLY, REALLY tiny echo, but I can see it driving some listeners up a wall. It doesn't feel that bad to me, but I know it will bother some of you, and I'm TRULY sorry.

Oh look, the cat had turned on echo on the sound board for the recording last night, and I didn't hear it on the one review, but now that I'm on, sorry everyone.

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