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Dear internet : really? THREE?

Also thank you for the Lumicoop. It will be handy in the darker months.

Last night I gave all the cats a pinch of catnip and told them “Happy 4/20” and I’m not even ashamed.

New todo for tomorrow: find out if the place I usually go to can handle “service battery charging system” on the Camaro.

And yes, in theory I can take the Truck, but parking the Camaro in that part of Durham is challenging enough, and the truck is MUCH bigger.

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Sometimes you look at a situation and go “it is just not meant to be” and apparently the show I was going to is one of them.

I hope everyone who goes enjoys the hell out of it, but the universe has spoken and I’m listening.

If you want to try the Air Fried Cadbury Creme Eggs, here is what I used. Also everything I've tried from has been delightful!

It's that time again! I'm booking interviews for Productivity Alchemy Year 6. If you or someone you know wants to talk about how they stay productive, fill out the contact form at - or reach out to me here!

OK, the updated FIXED version of this week's Productivity Alchemy is up! Sorry about that everyone!

Baby chicken brooder got an upgrade to plexiglass which is so far cat proof.

Becky, Grey, and Morticia have been moved out of the Lorge/Lucky zone in order to acclimate them to a new space before I need it for more Bantam Cochins in about a month and a half.

Dear GMail : You have had nearly 11 years to get IMAP right. You still fail at it miserably.

Hobbs is concerned about the presence of Ninja outside my office window…

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