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Brunnhilde is a very chatty little lady. Earlier she sat on my arm and told me about her day

Slept late, played PoGo with, then added one new automatic door and repaired another when we got home. now to do an interview for the podcast.

Lachesis has hatched at least one of the 10 eggs she has been brooding on for the last few weeks. Photos as soon as I can get them.

Soon there will be more...

Hobbs missed the bantam chick brooder. The chicks did not miss him.

I spent a good chunk of today sitting in the chicken yard with my ipad and letting the young ones peck my boots, because apparently my boots needed pecking.

Then I added the lights I bought to my Lego Razor Crest.

TIL that "light roast" coffee is about as effective as "Decaf coffee" for getting my brain into gear in the mornings.

D&D Night!
Rogue: I'm going to stand under the Cleric and stab them from there.
GM: Never say that again

This is why I take my Isolate to every concert I go to.

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Tonight I get to see three bands I love - and!! I am STOKED!

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Reminder: NEVER leave before the house lights come up. You miss the best stuff when you do that.

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Holy shit, that was an AMAZING show.

I mean DAMN everyone who left before the house lights came up missed out on that encore.

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