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I have “You Should See Me In A Crown” by stuck in my head on repeat and I blame

COVID Day 14: Feeling MUCH better, which is surprising given everything I had to do yesterday. Still pacing myself, but feeling more and more "normal" compared to Friday.

Reading a lot, because it keeps me chill.

Her: "So I have been beaten senseless by an Echidna"
Me: "An...Echidna?"
Her: "First of all, shut up, second of all.....yes"

I think is enjoying the game Dinkum...

About the only thing the Millennial Generation HASN’T been able to dislodge or “kill” is the Gerontocracy, who is busy scapgoating them for their own actions.

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We’ve been waiting for this to happen for most of our lives. But the machines that keep them in power are massive and hand pick their replacements, most of which make my middle-aged ass look like a the young adults my children are.

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Sure,, you keep thinking that, but we in Gen-X know it is a lie.

“Fourth, the generational turnover is coming. The boomer gerontocracy that now dominates power is bound to retire, leaving a vacuum for something new."

COVID day 11: feeling better but I know it is a trap. Still tire easily, still need to rest frequently, but finally feeling like there is a light at the end of the tunnel

Managed a lunch and a shower, but need to rest before spending time with the chickens. But the hammock awaits, and resting in the hammock is why I bought it.

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Covid Day 7: Antiviral course done, felling better than before the antivirals, but TIRED. May have energy for a shower and lunch before too long.

Happy Birthday to my sister!

Ursula, after I explained the naming of the bantams to her:

“You are SUCH a geek”

And thus is the naming of the 2022 Bantam Cochins complete.

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