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Tonight Stevie has decided he will sleep UNDER the food dispenser. Face down in the dirt because he is, beyond any shadow of a doubt, like that.

The Sandman on Netflix is so beautiful it makes my goth heart sing the song of my people:

Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me
Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me…

This is how Stevie likes to sleep. He’s given me a fright or two because he is a VERY deep sleeper…. The fact that the songs are even MORE relevant now than they were when the songs first came out is not lost on me.

Show thread Check out’s amazing shirt

Show thread Never, ever, ever political.

Show thread And you know this band is NEVER political

Show thread So yeah, this show ducking ROCKED

Show thread There are a shitload of RPD vehicles outside for some reason….

Show thread This is just the ambient CROWD noise

Show thread Almost time….

Show thread Run the Jewels!!

Show thread The stage might be far away, but it’ll sound AMAZING. And, as always, I’ll be protecting my ears with isolate plugs

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Club level for and tonight. Fuck yeah.

I bet they are on time with the “you have to be out of the parking lot 1 hour after the music ends” though

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My habit of arriving at concerts early is biting me in the ass in this heat. And it isn’t like I have GA/floor tickets.

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