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Have arrived at hotel. Soon there will be sleeping sleeping.

On th ground in Iceland! Now for customs and luggage!

And I left my 3DS at home. Oh well, no in-flight Pikman for me...

For those keeping score at home, we're delayed by a day in getting to Iceland.

Tactical error no 1: friction point over toes in boots. Solution: change shoes before checking in.

I will have a portable recording setup while attending so I can record some Productivity Alchemy interviews. Who wants in? :)

[Hidden Almanac] The Hidden Almanac for 2017-08-04 - The Hidden Almanac

I will miss the dogs
while we travel, but
I do not think
I will miss
The dog farts when in Europe

And is now on v1.5.0 - looks good so far!

Me in 2016: Yeah this is bad but i think we can solve this peacefully!

Me in 2017: Robespierre did nothing wrong.

I'm so excited by this - I've seen some of these illustrations, and you're going to love it!

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If anyone has any way to share this that they haven't already, this is me asking. 😁

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