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Icelandic gardener (and member of Parliament, but gardener)

Have found a Pizzaria Kebabhúsid. Fusion food for the win.

Dinner, then the Reykjavik Ghost Tour, I think. Not being tourists at all today. Nope.

Whale watching trip for me has been "sit in Sunbeam and doze while everyone else watches whales but the whales didn't show", so...
...I win?

Have arrived at hotel. Soon there will be sleeping sleeping.

On th ground in Iceland! Now for customs and luggage!

And I left my 3DS at home. Oh well, no in-flight Pikman for me...

Tactical error no 1: friction point over toes in boots. Solution: change shoes before checking in.

I will have a portable recording setup while attending so I can record some Productivity Alchemy interviews. Who wants in? :)

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